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Privacy Policy

The WOF thoroughly values protecting user셲 personal information and uses its best efforts to prevent your personal information from being lost, damaged or disclosed. This Privacy Policy is subject to changes according to the laws of the Republic of Korea and the policy of WOF. User can review the most current version of the Privacy Policy at any time.
The WOF services observe the Privacy Policy Guideline provided by Ministry of Information and Communication and Privacy Protection Regulations under the Communication Privacy Protection Act, Telecommunication Business Act and Promotion of Information and Communications Network Use and Information Protection Act.

Through the Privacy Policy, the user is notified the purpose and method of use of personal information, and imposed protective measurement. In accordance with Subsection (1) of Article 22, Subsection (1) of Article 24 and Subsection (1) of Article 25 of Information and Communications Network Act, the Company notifies the purpose and method of use of personal information, and imposed protective measurement for obtaining user셲 consent and the user may select 쁀gree or 쁃isagree accordingly.

1. Purpose of Collecting and Usage of Personal Information
쏱ersonal information means an information concerning a living person by which the relevant person may be identified on the basis of his/her name, resident registration number, etc. contained in the information (including the information, if used alone, could not be used to distinguish one individual from the others, but which information could be easily combined with other information to distinguish one individual from the others).

Most of services provided by WOF can be used without any user registration. However, the Company collects personal information only for quality and customized services. The personal information of user shall not be disclosed without prior consent from user itself, and collected personal information is used as follow:

Firstly, the Company may develop more useful service with personal information provided by the user. The Company may efficiently set priorities for development of services when it develops new service or expands its contents, and the Company may reasonably select and provide user셲 personal information for those purposes.

Secondly, the items and their purposes of collecting and usage of personal information are as follows:
-Name, ID, password, resident registration number: To verify identification
-e-mail address, telephone number: To provide new information and notifications, to process complaints from using the service, to update the services and service-related instructions
-Bank account information, credit card information: Provision of payment settlement service and optional services
-Address, telephone number: To deliver and bill the goods
-Other optional items: To provide customized service
-IP Address: To prevent wrongful and/or unauthorized use by illegitimate members

2. Categories of Personal Information to Be Collected and Method of Collecting Personal Information
For the services, the Company collects personal information at mandatory fields including name, resident registration number and e-mail address when user signs up for the service. Also, for the quality services, user is requested to provide its telephone number as an optional. Additionally, the Company may request user to provide selective personal information in connection with statistical data analysis for questionnaire poll or gift event. Meanwhile, the Company shall not collect any information that may infringe upon the user셲 basic human rights, including, but not limited to, one셲 race, ethnicity, ideology, beliefs, and place of birth, permanent domicile, political inclination, criminal records, physical condition or sexual orientation without prior consent from the user. Moreover, collected personal information shall be utilized only for the purposes that are acknowledged to the user and shall not be used for any other purposes, and shall be protected.

3. Period of Possession and Use of Personal Information
Personal information of user of shopping mall shall be maintained and used for the period during which the services are provided to such user. However, upon user셲 termination, correction or withdrawal from the membership which shall be carried out in accordance with following 6. User Personal Information Management (Review, Correction, Termination etc), the relevant personal information shall be permanently destroyed to prevent the information from being recovered. Also, any collected personal information for temporal usage (poll, event, verification etc) under the 2. Categories of Personal Information to Be Collected and Method of Collecting Personal Information shall be permanently destroyed to prevent the information from being recovered as above mentioned.

When the purpose for collecting the relevant personal information has been fulfilled, the Company shall immediately destroy such information in accordance with the retention period and the use period of such information. The procedures for destruction are as follows. However, in order to prevent any unlawful/wrongful usage of website by the illegitimate user, the Company may retain the resident registration number of individual user for the period of one (1) year from respective withdrawal. In the event any personal information is required to be possessed for a certain period for confirmation of the relationship of rights or obligations related to transactions according to the applicable laws and regulations such as the Commercial Code, the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc., the personal information shall be possessed for a certain period.

When the period of possession with respect to which prior notice was given to the user has not lapsed yet or when the user consents to the possession, the promised period of possession:
- Record on execution of the agreement or withdrawal of subscription, etc.: Five (5) years
- Record on payment and supply of goods, etc. : Five (5) years
- Record on consumer complaints or dispute resolution: Three (3) years

The Company shall protect valuable personal information of user, and it shall destroy personal information as follows:
-Personal information printed on paper shall be shredded, incinerated.
-Personal information stored in electronic format shall be deleted in a manner where such information is permanently irreproducible.