Date 2019. 10. 30 ~ 11. 01
Venue Paradise Hotel Busan, Republic of Korea
Theme The Ocean’s Legacy, The Ocean’s Future
-Adjiedj Bakas (Trendwatcher, Trend Office BAKAS, Netherlands)
-Henrik Mortensen (Senior Consultant, CMAQUA Technologies, Denmark)
-Timothy John Pfeiffer (Research Director, Aquaculture Systems Technology,
                                       United States)
-Ivan Tonkikh (Director General, RasonConTrans, Russia)
-Igor E. Khrushchev (Director, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Russia)
-Jin Songfeng (General Manager, Sea-Line, China)
-Hongliang Guo (Deputy General Manager, SWIFT Industry, China)
-CLAUDEPIERRE Martial (Regional General Manager, Sustainable Shipping,
                                          Bureau Veritas Marine, France)
-Haico Van der Heijden (Strategic New Business Director, TNO, Netherlands)
-Daw Hlaing Maw Oo (Secretary, Yangon City Development Committee(YCDC),
-Rokhmin Dahuri (Former Minister, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia)
-Mika Odido (IOC Coordinator in Africa, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
                      of UNESCO)
-Kim Stengert (Chief, Strategic Communication and External Relations,
                         World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore)
-Pete Ceglinski (Co Founder & CEO, Seabin Project, Australia)
-Rachael Miller (Founder & CEO, Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean/Cora Ball,
                          United States), etc.

-Lee Jeong-dong (Special Adviser to the President for Economy and Science,
                              The Republic of Korea Cheong Wa Dae
                              Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering & Technology
                              Management, Economics and Policy Program,
                              Seoul National University)
-Nam Ki-chan (President, Busan Port Authority(BPA))
-Kum Dong-wha (President, Vietnam–Korea Institute of Science and Technology(VKIST))
-Shim Won-joon (Director General, South Sea Research Institute, Korea Institute of
                             Ocean Science and Technology(KIOST)), etc.


Date 2018. 10. 17 ~ 19
Venue Lotte Hotel Busan
Theme Creating and Sustaining Value from the Oceans
- Overseas : Kevin Ashton(Inventor of IoT(Internet of Things)),
                    Marc E Knapper(Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for
                    Korea and Japan,Institute), U.S. Department of State),
                     Aimee Gonzales(Executive Director, PEMSEA), Wenxi Zhu(Head,
                    IOC/WESTPAC), Entrepreneurship) Iurii Bystrov(Vice Mayor,
                    Vladivostok City(Russia)), etc.

- Domestic : Ja-Hoon Koo(Professor, Hanyang University Graduate School of
                    Urban Studies),
                    Yong-Tae Cho(Professor, Seoul National University),
                    Hee-Kil Lee(President & CEO,
                    Busan Munhwa Broadcasting Corp.), etc.


Date 2017. 10. 18 ~ 20
Venue The Westin Chosun Busan(Main Venue) & The Bay 101
Theme The Ocean, The Economy
- Overseas : Cyrill Gutsch(Founder, Parley for the Oceans)
                    Joe Quirk(President, The Seasteading Institute),
                    Martin Luxemburg(Director, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship)

- Domestic : Chung-mo Koo(President, Korean Economic Association),
                    Gi-hoon Hong(President, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and
                    Chang-ho Yang(President, Korea Maritime Institute),
                    Hyun-joon Yoo(Principal, Hyunjoonyoo Architects),
                    Byung-gil An(President & CEO, Busan Ilbo) etc.